Внимание! Вакансий нет на российских job ресурсах: 3 новые позиции в TikTok

13 июля 2020

TikTok looking for 3 employee.


Functional cluster #1: Company official documents management

— Development, implementation and management of the Company document flow: registration of incoming and outgoing documents, control of response deadlines, as appropriate, management of Company letterheads, signing of documents by the GM and other empowered Company employees, application of the Company seal;

— Setup and management of Company’s paper archive;

— Safekeeping of the Company’s incorporation documents (originals and/or notarized copies) in accordance with appropriate ByteDance policies and requirements;

— Safekeeping of confidential documents (except personnel/HR files) according to applicable ByteDance policies and relevant local requirements;

— Management of the Company ‘s official email account;

— Setup and management of the Company’s landline telephone switchboard;

— Assistance with managing contracts in internal systems.


Functional cluster #2: PMO

— Management of TT Rus LLC General manager’s business calendar;

— Organization of internal and external meetings with the participation of the GM or on the latter’s request;

— Management of expenses incurred for the benefit of the Company (excluding Procurement, IT and Admin).


Functional cluster #3: Member of the local Government Inspection / Emergency Response team

— Provision of support to the GM and local Legal BP during scheduled and unscheduled Government inspections and emergencies, including, but not limited to

— Notification of local employees and/or relevant TikTok and ByteDance stakeholders upon instructions from Legal and/or the GM;

— Provision of copies and/or originals of documents required during inspections, upon instructions from local Legal BP and/or the GM;

— Maintenance of the register of Company documents (originals and/or copies) provided to/seized by Government inspectors.


Job requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree in management or related background;

2. 5-10 years executive assistant or PMO experience in multi-national company;

3. Fluent oral/written English and Russian as daily working language;

4. Motivated self-starter with strong multi-task handling and stake holder management.


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