Внимание! Вакансии нет на российских job ресурсах: Product Manager Television в Xiaomi Global

13 июля 2020

Xiaomi Global looking for Product Manager (Television).



Conduct market research, competitive product research, multi-channel discovery of information, and have the ability to transform sales and price clues into opportunities;
Manage the entire product life cycle, lead the pre-market and post-market product related work support, actively interact with users, discover product improvement points, effectively feedback the market and user needs to the R&D department, and continuously optimize product planning and development strategies;
Control and match the overall sales rhythm, and promote the formulation of online IMC communication strategy.



More than 3 years’ working experience in the electrical industry, prefferd TV product experience;
Proficient in Russian and English;
Have strong market development, partner and team communication skills;
Passionate, strong sense of teamwork, good at cooperating with people.


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