Внимание! Вакансии нет на российских job ресурсах: Head Of Sales в Kaiten

8 июня 2020
Москва или удаленно

We are Kaiten.io – a product management system startup based on Agile project management methodology.

Our project was born 6 years ago, in 2014. Since then we established partnerships with great companies like Dodo Pizza (CIS), Anna Services (UK), EKSMO (CIS), and many other large and progressive brands, most of them you are likely to know

You can learn more about us in our blog: blog.kaiten.ru

Currently, Kaiten.io is searching for a global sales leader for mid-large companies (50+ product seats).


Our definition of such talent is quite common I guess

Extensive experience, personal sales and team management track record. Only B2B Tech XP makes value here;

Fantastic networking skills (you can talk about connections for hours);

A preobtained vocabulary. You have to understand what’s the project management is all about not in theory, as well as the Agile methodology. There’s nothing super complicated, but still taking working years to perceive, so you certainly not a newbie in the IT field.

You will enjoy the working ethics we built here. It’s a healthy&adult IT community of hard-working and deep thinking geeks, with loads of fun stuff happening, e.g. we play dota2 together and even travel together when the world is all right. Online drinking parties are happening here too if you’re into such things

Since it’s a leading role, after some traction we will consider making you a C-level partner, with stakes and stuff. There are no upper boundaries for your income, except the results. While unit-economics work fine — you’re good to earn whatever figures you can, scaling the team. The base salary is a topic for p2p bargains.


A perfect way to apply here:

CV + Cover Letter, that describes 4 topics:

What’s good in a startup job for ya?

Are you able to perform a first set of contracts by yourself, or you can only manage others?

What’s your very best achievement in B2B sales and management (one for both).

What market/product/commerce questions do you have for us after superficial research of our website/blog/elsewhere?

And of course any amount of other materials on top of that we will read with pleasure.


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