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17 сентября 2020

The European Union Delegation to the Russian Federation is looking for a Policy Officer in the Trade Section (Russian National, LA I).


The EU Delegation to the Russian Federation is responsible for the conduct of official relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union.


We offer:

We offer a post of Policy Officer. Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation. Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Trade Affairs Officer – this job function may be changed in accordance with the needs of the Delegation. Under this job function, the successful candidate will serve as technical and support staff to, under the supervision and responsibility of the relevant Head of Section:

Develop and maintain a consistent view on priorities in the fields of bilateral trade and investment relations in the hosting country and the Eurasian Economic Union;
Contribute to the implementation of bilateral and sectoral dialogues and agreements.

Closely follow the host country’s main policy stances in trade and investment matters from a bilateral, multilateral and international perspective;
Monitor the host country’ situation: economic policy, forecasts, relations with international institutions, etc., including the evolution of any structural and economic reform process;
Monitor priority bilateral economic, trade and investment issues relevant to the bilateral relationship;
Monitor policy developments of the Eurasian Economic Union, including relations with third partners;
Identify important contacts and institutions.
Maintain effective contacts with working groups of the Member States counsellors and market access teams in the host country, as well as with the Association of European Businesses and individual EU companies, ministries, …;
Contribute to the Section’s advice to the Head of Delegation to ensure coherence between Commission’s trade policies, its economic and development cooperation activities and other external policy activities in the host country;
Contribute to the preparation of briefings and organisation of events.
Technical assistance with economic or trade-related co-operation projects

Support the implementation and management of trade-related cooperation and public diplomacy projects.
Reporting on economics and trade issues

Report regularly and in timely fashion to Headquarters;
Report regularly on developments of significance to EU external policies in specific economic sectors;
Provide early warning on trade issues (e.g. disputes) either at a bilateral, regional or multilateral level;
Draft briefings on trade, investment and economic matters when required.
Where mandated to do so, assist in bilateral dialogues;
Draft speeches for conferences and activities on trade and economic matters;
Develop close contacts with the relevant governmental departments, with EU and local private sector and business chambers;
Contribute to the press and information activities of the Delegation about the EU position in all trade and investment;
Assist on economic and trade issues in the organisation of visits.
The place of employment is located in Russia, Moscow. The weekly working hours are 37.5h. The vacant post is a Local Agent Group I post. Starting basic gross salary of a Local Agent Group I is 185.656 RUB. We offer a competitive position in a European environment. Benefits, such as additional pension scheme and medical insurance, are offered to employees and their families under certain conditions.


Selection Criteria

Medically fit to perform the required duties;

Enjoys civil rights and permits for employment under local law;

Native Russian and professional fluency in English with the ability to translate and interpret between the two languages;

University degree;

At least 3 years work experience that is content wise or functionally relevant.

Intellectual skills:

Capacity to do efficient desktop research on complex matters;
Ability to distil swiftly key information from complex material.
Communication skills:

Capacity to communicate clearly, presenting complex matters in a straightforward manner.
Management/Organizational skills:

Capacity to focus on priorities and to organize work to deliver on time, while handling multiple tasks at once.

Competent in office applications (such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel).

University degree preferably in economics or finance;
Work experience in a fast-paced private sector work environment (trade, economics or investment services);
Knowledge of other EU languages.
Commitment to quality and accuracy in performing duties;
High degree of conscientiousness and sense of responsibility.

Flexibility to endure under pressure and to respond swiftly to new demands.


How to apply

Please send application and supporting documents mentioning in the subject line the reference Family Name-Name-Policy Officer-Trade. The application email should include a covering letter, a detailed curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation from a previous employer in English.


The procedure

After the deadline for applications, the applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee set up for this purpose. The Selection Committee will prepare a short-list of candidates who are considered to be the most suitable for the post on the basis of a preliminary assessment of the information provided in their application letter and the supporting documents. The short-listed candidates will be invited to an assessment phase that will include a written test and an interview – during this phase, the Selection Committee will assess the suitability of the candidates for the post.

The candidates who have not been short-listed will not be contacted individually; however, the Delegation will use the same means of publication as for this Vacancy Notice to inform the remaining candidates once the recruitment procedure has been completed and that a candidate has (or has not) been recruited.


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