Sales Director в large international HVAC equipment manufacturer

2 апреля 2021
международная компания

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A large international HVAC equipment manufacturer is looking for a Sales Director.



• Planning and organization of a working activity of sales department;
• Development and implementation of the development strategy company sales, expanding of sales markets;
• Execution of sales plans;
• Personnel management: setting goals, defining success factors and evaluation of the sales staff.



• Leadership skills (ability to motivate and empower others to achieve the objectives of the authority of the company);
• Understanding of business principles (the ability to treat the problem in terms of costs and benefits);
• Ability to influence, persuade (the ability to influence other people to get them to the proper conduct);
• Strategic thinking (the ability to assess what will be important issues, events or activities, and what consequences they will);
• Organized and ability to plan (the ability to define action plans, schedules, and monitor their implementation);
• Communication skills (ability to speak clearly, precisely, and taking into account the characteristics of the interlocutors/interviewees, as when dealing with individuals and with the group);
• Education — technical degree.
• Experience in managing sales from 3 years in HVAC.
• English — Advanced (understanding and confident communication in written and oral level).


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