PR & content marketing manager в швейцарский app-startup Typewise

27 октября 2020
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Typewise is looking for a PR & Content Marketing Manager who will help  to grow to 1 million users by next year and lay the ground for the next unicorn.


Your responsibilities
You create great content such as blog articles that form the basis for our campaigns
You identify relevant journalists globally and create media campaigns incl. ready-to-send emails and contact lists
You identify and master various online (tech) communities and turn them into acquisition channels
You work with influencers to promote our product and brand


Your skills
Experience with writing (blog) content
Experience with successful media outreach
Understanding of what media, blogs, communities are relevant to our mobile app
Solid communication in English with both humor and professionalism
Ability to handle communication in other languages (e.g. French or Spanish)
Entrepreneurial drive and ability to quickly react to global events
Interest in mobile apps and excitement to take Typewise to the next level.

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