HR в китайскую логистическую компанию Cainiao (Alibaba Group)

24 марта 2023
международная компания

В логистическую компанию Cainiao требуется HR


Cainiao - китайская логистическая компания. Основана в 2013 году как совместное предприятие девяти компаний, в том числе интернет-гиганта Alibaba Group.


Job Description:

  • Cooperating with HR back office, to support the implementation and operation of Site HR end-to-end processes, including HR work such as enrollment, resignation, change, labor contract, attendance, etc., in order to build up a consistent Cainiao HR service to overseas employees
  • Act as DME HR contact point to Cainiao HR related consultations from employees
  • Continuously optimizing Site HR processes (GDPR, Union, EHS, Attendance, Payroll, etc.)
  • Cooperating with HR TD/OC team, to lead Site HR projects such as employee satisfaction improvement, atmosphere enhancement, team buildings, training, etc.
  • Provide continuous Site HR guidance and support


Position Requirement:

  • Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, English can be used as working language
  • More than 3 years of HR experience, familiar with Site HR practices. Market mapping skill is preferred
  • Familiar with process and project management experience, with certain data analysis ability is preferred
  • Have active planning ability and strong operational thinking, be optimistic, proactive, good at communication and coordination, actively promote the project progress, and coordinate all parties to get results
  • Have a good sense of customer service, customer first, patient and meticulous, pay attention to team cooperation and trust partners
  • It would be excellent to have relevant HR experience in logistics companies and fluent in mandarin

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