Chief Specialist of Legal Department в International Bank for Economic Co-operation

27 ноября 2020
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International Bank for Economic Co-operation (IBEC) is seeking a Chief Specialist of Legal Department.


Duties and Accountabilities
Legal support of all types of banking operations and operations, including opening accounts, lending, trade finance, treasury operations, work with financial institutions and capital transactions, business operations, personnel matters.
Contract work.
Preparation of legal opinions, legal expertise and approval of documents.
Bad debt collection, including bankruptcy proceedings of debtors.
Ensuring corporate procedures — meetings of the IBEC Council and the IBEC Management Board.
Participation in rule-making activities: constituent documents, internal regulatory documents;
Participation in project-based work.
Consulting activities.


Selection Criteria
Higher legal education (jurisprudence).
Work experience of at least 7 years in international development banks, other credit organizations, including banks outside Russian Federation, other financial organizations.
Knowledge of international, financial, banking, civil, administrative, entrepreneurial, labor, tax, arbitration procedural, civil procedural law, the fundamentals of criminal procedural law and other branches of law.
Skills and experience in preparing legal opinions, analytical materials, business correspondence in Russian and English.
Fluent in Russian, both spoken and written.
English at a level not lower than B2 (upper-intermediate); being able to work fluently in an English-speaking environment.
A confident user of MS Office and MS Outlook.


We offer:
Competitive salary.
Meal allowance.
Comprehensive medical insurance.
30 (thirty) working days of paid annual leave.
Fully paid 30 (thirty) days of the sick leave.
Mobile communications allowance for business purposes.
Opportunities for professional education, including language courses.


For the citizens of member countries, except for the citizens of the Russian Federation, we offer following additional compensations and benefits:
Housing allowance for accommodation in Moscow including one-off compensation of the realtor expenses.
Reimbursement of relocation expenses to the workplace and back after expiration of contract, including relocation of immediate family members.
One-off relocation allowance.
Customs clearance of personal belongings.
Payment the hotel accommodation in the period of housing search.
Reimbursement of the expenses for vacation travel to the permanent place of residence and back, including expenses for the immediate family members.
Reimbursement of expenses for children education under the secondary school educational program.
Medical insurance for relocated immediate family members.


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