Chief Financial Officer в финтех-компанию Salmon (на Филиппины)

17 марта 2023
Манила (Филиппины)
релокация зарубеж

В финтех-компанию Salmon требуется Chief Financial Officer.


About the company:

  • A team of finance professionals and entrepreneurs backed by world-class investors who have the vision and capabilities to provide better and more inclusive financial services through a combination of technology, product design, security, data analytics and relentless focus on customer service
  • Are united by experiences of building leading financial services and tech companies in various parts of the world and by desire to apply experience and modern technology for the benefit of millions of Filipinos and beyond
  • Company is building a financial technology business that works impeccably 24x365, creating thousands of jobs and providing easy access to finance for millions of Filipinos - and would love to have you join them on this journey


About the Role:
The CFO is a senior executive responsible for the strategic financial management, controls and planning of the organization and overseeing financial operations of all subsidiaries of the Group on a global scale. Key duties and responsibilities typically include:

  • Developing and implementing financial strategies, policies and procedures to achieve organizational goals
  • Development of unit cost and NPV analytical framework as well as consolidated financial model of the company
  • Analyzing financial data to identify trends and opportunities for enhancing the value, unlocking revenue opportunity and maintaining cost controls
  • Overseeing financial risk management framework and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and laws
  • Driving fundraising activity of the company alongside with the founding team to enable provisioning of debt and equity financing for continued rapid growth
  • Managing and directing the finance team, including accounting, budgeting, tax and treasury functions
  • Providing financial insight and recommendations to the executive leadership team to inform decision-making
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, banks, and auditors
  • Ensuring that the organization's financial resources are effectively allocated and managed



  • Strong background in corporate finance, proficiency in modeling and accounting, as well as experience in a senior leadership role
  • Experience in handling operations multiple markets, ideally with some experience in the Philippines
  • Strong network in the Singapore/Southeast Asian VC and/or capital markets community
  • Experience working in a fintech startup company is a huge advantage
  • Has experience in fund raising, debt and equity financing
  • Excellent communication, leadership, and analytical skills are essential
  • Able to work effectively in a fast-paced, global environment
  • Important ability/willingness to spend 50%+ of time in Manila in the time of early build-out of the venture in 2023-24

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